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Thank you for waiting for Good Lock apps (compatible with Android 10).

LockStar (Android 10 only)
– Changed that overall design from Android 10

– Add new clock styles(D-day / Momo / Orchid / Korean )

Major features changed in Good Lock 2020:
Support a dark theme.
Follow the OneUI 2 principle.
Change to new format of profile information a app.
Show a splash screen of GoodLock app.

QuickStar (Android 10 only)
Refine quickpanel coloring and improve visibility.
Support the central position of the clock (excluding Hole or Notch assignments).

Add Vertical Stack layout.
Provides an internal VI Queue to distinguish the quick switch from the gesture.

Add menu for customizing the NotiStar handler on the lock screen.

MultiStar (Android 10 only)
Run the selected app quickly with a split screen or a pop-up menu, with tap and hold of the Recent button.
Resize a gesture area for the pop-up view action.
Even if you delete the app from the recently used app, you can set it to maintain the specific app.
When the pop-up view is closed, it remembers the last location and helps it run there again.
Multi-sound moves to Sound Assistant app.

Available to create a theme for dark mode.
Select the color manually instead of its automatic extraction.

One Hand Operation+
Available to add additional auxiliary handler.
Additional features within the Quick Toolbar (like Mobile data, game booster).
Support the home screen shortcut function.
Add vibration feedback settings.
Pick the color of the animation.

[Target] – Android O, P os 8.0 SAMSUNG devices.

[Language] – Korean
– English
– Chinese



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