We are Hiring for an Android App / Game Content Writer

Hello Visitor, Welcome to Cyanogen Mods!

I won’t keep you indulged in just texts, rather I will jump straight to the point. As you have already read the title, exactly this is what we are looking for.

We are looking to hire a content writer for our website https://modapk.tv who can write unique, quality content about an Android app or a game.
If are curious about this thing, then find the below job description and the roles and responsibilities of this position.

Open position(s):

Roles and Responsibilities of an App / Game content writer:

  • You must be able to write about the features of an Android app
  • If it is a game, you must be able to write about the gameplay and how to play
  • You must be comfortable to work with a team of like minded people
  • Can analyze, understand and write an article of his/her own on something if asked to write.
  • You must be able to complete a task by yourself with minimum input given from other team members
  • Must be consistent in creating quality content for the website

Skill set required:

  • Outstanding English writing skill
  • Must have Prior writing experience
  • Basic understanding of SEO would be an added advantage

About cyanogenmods.org

Being a developer, I was always fascinated by Android development and CyanogenMod was my favorite custom ROM which is now dead and became LineageOS. The name of this website was kept after the most popular custom ROM CyanogenMod.

cyanogenmods.org creates content primarily related to LineageOS ROMs, TWRP, rooting guides, Google Camera, Android apps and games APK downloads etc. Most of the content are how-to guides or tutorials related Android apps, games etc.

We are neither from CyanogenMod nor LineageOS team. This is an independently run organization!

Our Objective:

Our vision is to expand our reach to more number of Android users to deliver them quality content, and stand out against our competitors

If you think you have what it takes to be a Content Writer for our website, you are most welcome to fill the form and apply for the position:
Apply for App / Game Content Writer at cyanogenmods.org

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