GCam 6.1 Mod by fu24

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  • This is a GCam  APK port is the base version 8.1.101 and build version  which is built by fu24 based on Arnova8G2 GCam 6.1.

    Build date: March 2020

    Changelog of GCam 8.1.101 V1.6-Fu24_5Lens-02b6.5:

    1. Add a aux camera viewfinder button (3 aux). Support for third auxiliary lens.
    2. Third auxiliary lens only supports viewfinder mode.
    3. Add "night sight tips level" setting.
    4. It can reduce the level of "tips". The lowest is "always" displayed.
    5. Add "delay after tap of focus" for video. Thanks Arnova8G2 and Abhi Shake.
    6. Added antibanding mode.
    7. "Exposure Settings", "Sabre", "Manual Focus", "night sight tips level" are set independently for each lens.
    8. When the manual focus slider is not automatic. If you switch the lens (direct switching mode). You need to slide the slider again. The focal length will change to the set value
    9. Added a mode for Sabre: On (NS off). Only night sight mode is off.
    10. For the auxiliary lens. The default value is off because most of them do not work in night sight mode. Will cause a crash.

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