Google Camera APK 6.2.030 Advanced v2.1.190614.0200

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  • This is a Google Camera APK port of version 6.2.030 build version v2.1.190614.0200 ported by Arnova8G2.

    Changelog of the GCam APK 6.2.030 Arnova8G2 build version v2.1.190614.0200:

    • Android 9+ (Android Pie or greater).
    • Add Saturation and Sharpness strength from Camera API2.
    • Add Saturation in slider * Works if AWB Mod is OFF.
    • Add ISO and Shutter in slider * Works with custom lib LongExposure.
    • Add toggle disable sabre on front cam.
    • Add hdr+/hdr+enh button on portrait mode.
    • Add hdr+/hdr+enh button on nigth mode.
    • Add toggle fix portrait mode.
    • Add toggle fix nigth mode.
    • Add toggle fix tap of focus.
    • Add pixel 2 and pixel 3 AWB Mod.
    • Add PatchLoader function for news custom libs by @KoopahTManiac * allows you to reduce the size of the apk and can use many more custom libs.
    • Fix tracking focus.
    • Fix pixel 3 wideAngle.
    • Fix night sight suggestion.
    • Fix crash with front camera in Redmi Note 5 Pro and asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 on some device.
    • Detecting real resolution * Now we use the real resolutions of the device.
    • Add ultra-resolution compatibility ( 48Mpx ).
    • Removing Resampling method. * Works well now.
    • And code optimization.

    Supported devices:

    • Zenfone Max Pro M2
    • Redmi Note 5 Pro

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